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    Our business philosophy: customer-centric, create maximum value for customers

    Anzhen AOYU CNC Technology Co., Ltd.It is a high-tech enterprise with international advanced cutting level, which is specialized in “super high pressure CNC water jet cutting machine” research, production, sales and after-sales service.

    The company mainly produces high-pressure water jet equipment led by ultra-high pressure CNC water jet cutting machine. The company occupies 40 acres and has an annual production capacity of 500 sets of ultra-high pressure water cutting equipment.

    Product application industry involves shipbuilding, engineering machinery, locomotive manufacturing, pressure vessel, rubber industry, composite materials and plastics, construction, advertising industry, automotive oil pipeline, military, metal manufacturing, stone industry, glass industry, aerospace, high-speed rail train, coal mine And other industries, to bring continuous and substantial benefits to the majority of users.

    Quality assurance
    The research and development, design and production of each type of equipment pays attention to continuous innovation, scientific design and precision manufacturing. In strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality control system, every production process is ensured to ensure the performance and quality of each factory equipment.
    Professional quality
    Professional water jet technology talents and senior water jet technology experts and professors, closely follow the international frontier water jet technology, and closely cooperate with the United States to study in the United States, well-known domestic experts, domestic well-known oil fields, domestic 211 universities.
    Business philosophy
    “Quality is social responsibility” is the eternal business philosophy of Aoyu Technology. The company's innovative spirit of “excellent water jet development and sustainable water cutting technology” will maintain the status of leading brand enterprises in the industry, and continuously explore and expand the application potential and application industry of new water jet technology.
    Anhui AOYU CNC Technology Co., Ltd.

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