Front mixing mobile explosion-proof water cutting machine
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    Front mixing mobile explosion-proof water cutting machine

    Mobile cutting machine◇Energy saving, safe, cold cutting, environmental protection◇Product introductionThrough the uniqu

      Mobile cutting machine

      ◇Energy saving, safe, cold cutting, environmental protection

      ◇Product introduction

      Through the unique design concept and advanced technical ideas, the huge and cumbersome high-voltage equipment has developed a portable, user-friendly and safe mobile portable water cutting system that is several times smaller than the traditional water-cutting equipment. The system is unique. The cold cutting characteristics are fast, safe, efficient, and can be quickly transferred to work in a variety of environments, playing an important role in the handling of dangerous goods and waste explosives and rescue and obstacle relief work. Compared with the traditional water cutting system, the volume is reduced several times and can be controlled by two people. This greatly improves the flexibility and portability of the water cutting system, and improves the shortcomings of the traditional water cutting system that cannot be moved and limits the working environment.

      ◇Main technical parameters and performance indicators

      Motor power: 22kW

      Pump working pressure: 69MPa

      Working flow: 15.6L/min

      Abrasive volume: 24L

      Abrasive particles: 60-80 mesh

      Weight: 800kg

      Dimensions (length X width X height) mm: 1650x850x1500

      Cutting ability: cutting speed of steel plate of 10mm thickness 25mm/min

      Cutting length (per can of sand): 3.4m steel plate with a thickness of 10mm


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